[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face

Pretty See Electric Eyelash Curler Heated

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Color: White

  • BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL SET - This automatic eyelash curler is operated by battery (rechargeable). Better than manual eyelash curler.A few seconds fast hot roll, simple, fast, curling, natural, painless, will not hurt the skin, damage eyelashes, double temperature,Led lamp light heat protection, safe and fast, , traditional manual set easy to break and damage
  • MAKES YOU CHARMING IN 2 MINS- 8 seconds quick warm-up.Select 1st or 2nd gear according to your needs. Apply mascara evenly.then Place the brush of the eyelashes under the eyelashes, wait for a few seconds, and slowly lift up. Then divide the root, middle, and tail, and press each step for 3-5 seconds.Amazing and curer eyelash is done
  • PAINLESS&NO DAMAGE - 2 temperature can be chosen.The Heater adopts new pure aluminum metal heat transfer to better protect the ciliary.Hair is not damaged when curled at high temperatures.Painless, fast and safe - no pinching, pulling or pulling of the eyelid and eyelashes
  • ANYTIME ANYWHERE CAN USE - This cute eyelash curler is lightweight,portable,compact and durable,Dating,working,shopping can be taken and used anytime anywhere.make you always looks charming
  • EASY TO USE&CLEAN - Combs and Cleaning brush are included.Comb teeth are used for combing after using mascara, eliminating the trouble of "flies legs"; After combing, the back combed teeth are heated and fixed for the eyelashes.make eyelash more curler.The brush can help you clean dirt easily and deeply

    Eyelash Curlers,Electric Mini Portable Heated Electric Lashes Curler Advantages: 
    There are several reasons why our heated eyelash curlers are just the right solution for that natural look with properly made-up, thick, long, upturned eyelashes. 
    SAVING TIME: The heated eyelash curler only take 8s to warm up, it is constant temperature, users only takes a few seconds to curler up your eyelashes, save makeup routine time everyday. 
    LASTING WHOLE DAY: Eyelashes treated with the heated eye curler last for a whole day. 
    PRECISION: Get closer to the lashes root and select a better angle. 
    NO PINCHING & SAFE: There is no danger of pinching your eyelids (and we can surely remember how that hurts!). 
    NO FORCE: DO not need to tug and pull to achieve the desired effect, which is especially important for fragile eyelashes. 
    ECO-FRIENDLY: Rechargeable electric heated eyelash curler is more environmentally friendly makeup than other lash curler which need AA battery. 

    How to use it
    1. Apply mascara before use the heated lash curler.
    2. When mascara dry completely, use the eye lash curler top spiral to press lash root for about 15 seconds.
    3. then press the lashes piecewise from buttom to top for several times. 
    4. Try to keep your eyelashes in full contact with the curler teeth.
    5. Adjust the temperature gear according to your desire.

    Gear use guide
    A: The first time press power button, the electric heated eyelash curler start to warm up. 
    B: It goes to low temperature gear mode automatically after 8 seconds. 
    C: The Second time press power button, it swifts to high temperature gear mode. 
    D: The third time press power button, the lash curler is power off.

    Package Included:
    1 x Electric Heated Eyelash Curler
    1 x Cover
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x Wrap Box

    UPC: 192066453392

    EAN: 0192066453392