[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face
[Tinkle Razor] - Tinkle Your Face

Silicone Sponge Puff

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This sponge is the perfect addition for true makeup lovers. Contour, highlight and blend like a professional makeup artist while saving product. The textured surface can be used on makeup-free skin to blot away oils and excess grime, elevating your skincare game.  

  • Silicone make up sponge completely eliminates wasted makeup and skincare
  • Curved edge design makes it easier to cover the hard places 
  • Perfectly applies and blends your foundation, blush, highlighter, concealer, moisturizer, and primer without absorbing one drop
  • The sponge is very hygienic compared to other make up blenders 
  • Very easy to clean
  • Directions: Apply a small amount of product to your silicone puff sponge + lightly dab, draw or outline onto face and then blend gently into skin. Use the tip to draw sharper lines and to reach corners of eyes. Do not use if punctured.   
  • Cleaning: Simply wash with warm water and soap.