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Are your Tinkle razors real?

Yes, these are the authentic Tinkle brand razors that are hard to find.


Will my hair grow back thicker or faster?

No. Only hormones determine how much facial hair you have. Not shaving. Shaving exfoliates and encourages collagen production. It doesn't grow back black or stubbly. It grows back the same way it was before you shaved.


What's the technique?

Do this on a dry and makeup free face. Pull the skin taut, and then slowly start shaving downward on your skin in short strokes. You can't just drag the razor against your skin. Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle against the skin.


Does it hurt?

No, not at all. Just make sure you hold the razor correctly.


How long does one pack last?

You can get multiple uses out of one razor.


How often should I shave my face?

That’s totally up to you. Some women shave 1-2 times a week others once every 2 weeks.


Any tips?

Moisturizing is important. After shaving the penetration of anti-ageing serums/moisturizers is enhanced for better results of decreasing wrinkles and glowing skin. Any moisturizer you prefer is fine. Most women do this at night.